Today in BP Oil Disaster: Day 70


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... Seventy?

  • Well, at least someone out there is synergyzing and conversation-starting and buzz-wording to get some help down here. The TEDxOilSpill conference is this week — the result of writing "inspiring" messages on your hands and photographing them and taking a week-long "expedition" to survey the Otherworld terrain that is the Gulf Coast.

    TEDxOilSpill will tackle the tough questions raised by the recent and ongoing environmental catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. Topics will include mitigation of the spill and the impending cleanup efforts; energy alternatives; policy and economics; as well as new technology that can help us build a self-reliant culture.

    What can you expect to see? Speakers at TED events — some of the world’s most fascinating, innovative and influential individuals – are challenged to give “the talk of their life” in 18 minutes or less. Sharing and connection happens from the stage or in the lounge. It’s the conversation that will change your life.

    See, the TED crew visited, took photos, then took back its findings. The conference is webcast, and guest speakers include scholars, a musician and reps from environmental organizations — but no Gulf fishermen or business owners, no politicians, no Coast Guard responders or cleanup organizers, no BP officials, nobody that has any final say in whatever end results or solutions the conference attendees are looking for. I'm not knocking any of these speakers, but there is no local voice.

    We're being studied. By this guy.

  • Tomorrow, Peter Fonda and Jason Mraz lead a march for clean energy. Mraz also will perform. Meet on the steps of the amphitheater across from Jackson Square at 3 p.m., and bring a black trash bag. (There'll be free food, too.)

  • Susan Spicer is pissed off.

  • Photos: In case you didn't see it, the Boston Globe is back with its Big Picture series — this time, it's a look at the Gulf, two months into the disaster.
    More photos: Then there's the St. Petersburg Times All Eyes photo blog, looking at Pensacola Beach.

  • Here's a massive Australian 60 Minutes piece on the disaster, reportedly removed by request of BP.
  • Mother Jones reporter Mac McClelland is on Salon radio. Here's a transcript. She discusses media criticism, the BP-meets-birder disaster and the restrictions she's faced in a supposedly now-media-friendly locale.
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