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We all have our own memories of K-ville, the locally shot drama that kept New Orleanians alternately amused and befuddled in the fall of 2007. I know most people were tickled at the thought of "gumbo parties" and the cop who put Tabasco in his oatmeal, but my heart always belonged to the airport shootout action sequence that seemed to have been filmed on the roof of the Riverwalk.

K-ville may have disappeared stateside, but it's just making it across the pond to the UK, and -- what do you know? The critics like it!

Metro U.K. praises the show's "brilliant action sequences and intelligent storylines to boot":

It only lasts 11 episodes, which is a real shame because it offers a sharp insight into a city struggling hard to keep from going under.

K-Ville’s combo of social conscience and kick-ass action is top notch.

But its cold, hard look at how America failed one of its own, proved too tough for US audiences to take.

The Glasgow Daily Record gave it a thumbs-up:

It's a great start to the series, and should leave you begging for more. In fact, the only drawback to the whole project is that, for some bizarre reason, American audiences didn't take to it.

The Mirror mostly liked it too, so the only naysayer in the bunch was the stuffy old Guardian:

Wobbly cameras, shots through high fences, a slight tendency to overacting … irrespective of subject, there's a very early 1990s feel to this.

1990s??? These guys?

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