NOPD statement on noise ordinances in French Quarter: "To Street Entertainers and Musicians"



In response to Gambit's inquiry about last night's shutdown of the TBC Brass Band for noise ordinances, the New Orleans Police Department sent this statement from Maj. Edwin Hosli, commander of the 8th District:

We have been getting several complaints from the citizen groups complaining about the street musicians and the late night loud music. We are attempting to notify the musicians before we take any action by getting them to sign the letter acknowledging that they were informed.

NOPD also provided Gambit with a copy of the letter, which begins:

To Street Entertainers and Musicians:

Effective immediately, the New Orleans Police Department will be enforcing the below listed ordinances regarding the times of street entertainers and musical performances in public right of ways via out doors after certain hours. We are providing you these handouts that detail the specifics of the ordinance so that it is understood that these measure will be enforced strictly and without exception.

NOPD street musician letter

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