NOPD chief Ronal Serpas on crackdowns on live music and noise ordinances



NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas has provided a statement regarding the NOPD's new enforcement of existing noise ordinances in the French Quarter, which enforce a curfew on live music on public rights-of-way after 8 p.m.

Here is the chief's statement in its entirety (and the bolding is his):

The New Orleans Police Department’s 8th District has for many years, and as recently as within the last several weeks, received numerous complaints from residents of the French Quarter noting that musical street performers are violating existing ordinances. These complaints have also resulted in repeated request for enforcement from the NOPD. Residents of the French Quarter have also complained about the size of the walking tours and the apparent disregard for Ordinances that define the conditions of legal walking tours in the City of New Orleans.

The Quality of Life Officer of the 8th District has been distributing NOTICE of what the ordinances are as it relates to: Sec. 30-1456. Use of Bourbon Street restricted. Sec. 66-205. Persons playing musical instruments on public right-of-ways. Sec. 30-1489. Walking tour guides rules and regulations. Sec. 30-1490. Identification (tour guides).

Please know that there has been no enforcement action taken as a result of these particular notices, and that the NOPD wants to ensure that all persons are fully aware of the applicable existing ordinances. Officers of the NOPD will continue to use discretion, appropriate to the circumstances present, to enforce any Ordinances of the City of New Orleans.

The NOPD has been approached repeatedly by residents who seek enforcement of these statutes; likewise the NOPD recognizes the concerns of the residents and the uniqueness of the historic French Quarter. In this regard, early and frequent notification of what the ordinances are may help to alleviate the concerns of the residents of this part of our community, as well as better inform those who participate in activities that are prohibited or regulated by long-standing city Ordinance(s).

We will continue to encourage all persons to respect the ordinances of the City of New Orleans and the concerns of those who live and work in the historic French Quarter.

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