The SALT of the earth



Sunglasses often meet any number of grisly fates. Whether they end up hurled from vertiginous roller coaster heights, lost at sea or just plain mangled, one constant is that sunglasses' life expectancy rarely extends past hurricane season. Which is why I'm normally reluctant to shell out for a nice pair. If you're the type to drop a few Benjamins on designer shades, though, you may be interested in a trunk show tonight at Loa hosted by St. Charles Vision and SALT from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.


"They're going to have a free fitting for the SALT frames, and people can also get a 20 percent discount (on SALT frames) at the event," says St. Charles Vision publicist Erica Normand. "There's going to be a complimentary Summer Sensation cocktail that Loa is putting together."

On a related note, the Uptown St. Charles Vision location recently unearthed a selection of absolutely bad-ass vintage designer sunglasses. They have that angular, the-future-as-envisioned-from-the-80s vibe, and they're as cheap as $50 a pair. I'm really proud of my vintage shades and swear they won't suffer the gruesome fates of their predecessors and have developed a Gollum-level fixation on them, sedulously polishing the lenses and storing them in their sleek little coffin when they're not in use.

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