The Times-Picayune's review of Avenue Q



... has got to be the most incredible piece of journalism ever to grace the pages of our beloved daily. Ted Mahne's review begins with the words "The original notes for the script to Avenue Q were surely written on bar napkins, after several MFA students drunkenly mocked their childhood memories of Sesame Street," and just gets incrementally more awesome from there. It's hard to select the best part, but we'll try:

The biggest obstacle for the audience is in connecting with the characters because the puppeteer-actors break with the most ancient tradition of puppetry – they are plainly visible throughout the show operating the puppets (and not attempting ventriloquism). The audience doesn’t know who to focus on.

Audiences developed an emotional response to Kermit the Frog because he became a real character – and you couldn’t see Jim Henson’s hand up his butt.

Read it all, people. Read it all.


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