A message from Tony Hayward



BP is spending some of its dough on this ad. Has anyone seen it on TV yet?

The Gulf spill is a tragedy that never should have happened. I’m Tony Hayward.

BP has taken full responsibility for cleaning up the spill in the gulf. We’ve helped organize the largest environmental response in this country’s history. More than 2 million feet of boom, 30 planes, and over 1,300 boats are working to protect the shoreline. Where oil reaches the shore, thousands of people are ready to clean it up. We will honor all legitimate claims, and our clean-up efforts will not come at any cost to taxpayers.

To those affected and your families, I’m deeply sorry. The gulf is home for thousands of BP employees and we all feel the impact. To all the volunteers and for the strong support of the government, thank you. We know it is our responsibility to keep you informed and do everything we can so this never happens again.

We will get this done. We will make this right.

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