Live Aid. Farm Aid. There seems to be an Aid for everything that needs aid, from Hurricane Katrina to the Haiti earthquake. And it was impressive to see so many local people come together May 16 to produce a Gulf Aid concert with mostly Louisiana musicians (the concert raised more than $300,000).

live aid
It's pointless to compare one tragedy to another, of course, but the ongoing oil disaster has left thousands of people with no way to make a living for the foreseeable future ... except to go to work for the folks who have ruined their lives, which is making some of them physically ill.

We all know about so-called "Katrina fatigue" among Americans (though they should check in with those who lost their homes regarding "fatigue), and it's clear that many people think New Orleans, and New Orleanians, have had their share of charity. But this disaster isn't about New Orleanians -- it's about the people of Grand Isle and Port Fouchon, of Lafourche and lower Jefferson Parish. They need help.

Has anyone else wondered where the Hollywood/music outpouring of support has been? Tim Robbins, Mos Def and Lenny Kravitz are a few of the people who have pitched in -- the operative word being 'few.' We haven't seen Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Aniston, Kanye West, Ellen DeGeneres, Rosie O'Donnell or Sean Penn. No sightings of Bruce Springsteen, Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow or Dave Matthews. Where's George Clooney? Where's Bono?

These people, of course, have no obligation to help -- but they've shown their willingness to be generous in the past, and I'm wondering: why is the biggest oil-related disaster in American history suddenly unworthy of celebrity-charity attention?

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