Tie one on.



And now, let's take a moment away from BP coverage and focus on the latest B.T. (bow tie) developments. Since we won't know whether the "top kill" procedure worked until this afternoon, now is the optimum time to put our collective mind elsewhere, perhaps on some meticulous yet satisfying task like mastering the origami-esque maneuvers of knotting a bow tie.

This evening at 6:30 p.m., menswear and etiquette blogger and notorious dandy K. Cooper Ray descends upon Brooks Brothers, (333 Canal St., 522-4200)

in a flurry of summer cocktails to celebrate the launch of a limited edition bow tie collection.

These ain't your middle school English teacher's bow ties, nor do they bear much resemblance to the screenprinted-on-a-T-shirt variety that's gained currency as of late. Rather, these reversible ties are an homage to all that a bow tie is and aspires to be: Juxtaposing stripes with polka dots, madras plaid with seersucker, these reversible silk or cotton bow ties elegantly straddle the line between staid formalwear and flippant irony. They say, "I'm having fun in this bow tie-- but at the same time, I do take my neckwear very seriously."

Right now, we could all benefit from some serious fun.

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