The latest in the Matter of Trust entanglement



It looks like Matter of Trust, the organization spearheading the effort to collect hair, fur, nylons and mesh to create oil containment booms, is still soliciting donations. And they're in New Orleans, according to their Facebook page.

According to a report on released a few hours ago, Matter of Trust president Lisa Craig Gautier says salons should keep collecting materials because the booms will be used "somewhere." She also says she hopes BP will change its mind about the hair booms but if not, "Matter of Trust will try outfitting the counties and parishes along the Gulf coast with the booms." And if that doesn't work out, Gautier says they can just save the booms for other oil spills.

The organization initially announced it would not accept any more materials, but began accepting again after securing two additional warehouses.

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Do you think Matter of Trust should continue collecting materials and making hair booms without knowing if BP will ever use them?

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