BP protest: Sun., May 30, 1 pm, Jackson Square



There's growing anger at both BP and the federal government regarding the Gulf oil catastrophe; three-quarters of Americans think that BP has muffed the response and -- are you listening, President Obama? -- a slim majority think the Obama administration has done the same. Now an ad hoc group called Murdered Gulf has announced a formal protest to take place this Sunday at 1 p.m. in Jackson Square, demanding the government do more. Who is behind this Murdered Gulf, you ask?

This event is being put together by a handful pissed-off New Orleanians… it is not a political action committee, community group or activist organization although we absolutely WELCOME and INVITE anyone and everyone to join us!

PLEASE spread the word… come and bring as many as you can!

We will have legal observers on-hand to deal with any police problems (although we don’t expect any).

There will also be speakers and media present.

That's all we know now; more as it comes out.

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