CORRECTED SCHEDULE: Money Wasters and (Rescheduled) Zulu Second Line Parades Sunday




Start: 1651 St. Philip St. at Charbonnet-Labat Funeral Home. Down St. Philip St. to Villere St. Right turn on Villere St. to Basin St. Right turn on Basin St. to Orleans Avenue. Our Orleans Ave. to N. Broad St. Right turn on Broad St.

Stop: Zulu Club, 722 N. Broad St. Continue down Broad St.

Stop: Impressive Barber Shop, 902 N. Broad St. Continue down Broad.

Stop: Primary Eye Care, 1530 N. Broad St. Continue down Broad St. to St. Bernard Ave. Right on St. Bernard Ave.

Stop: Seal's Class Act, 2161 St. Bernard Ave. Continue down St. Bernard.

Stop: Sidney's Salon (Kermit Ruffins'), 1301 St. Bernard Ave. Down St. Bernard to St. Claude Ave. Right turn on St. Claude to Esplanade Ave. Right turn on Esplanade Ave. Down Esplanade to N. Claiborne Ave. Left on Claiborne to St. Philip. Left on St. Philip. Down St. Philip to N. Robertson. Right turn on N. Robertson. Down N. Robertson.

Disband: Candle Light Lounge

Queen 2010 – Sandra Seaberry

King 2010 – Machail Burns

Ms. Money Wasters 2010 – Paris Robertson


Start: 1931 St. Claude Avenue, Sweet Lorraine's. Go out St. Claude to St. Bernard Avenue. Turn right.

Stop: 1200 St. Bernard Ave, Sidney's Saloon. Continue on St. Bernard Avenue and pick up the Go-Getters.

Pick Up: 1224 St. Bernard Ave, The Other Place. Pick up the Go-Getters and continue on St. Bernard Ave.

Stop: Poor Boy's. Continue on St. Bernard Avenue.

Stop: 1725 St. Bernard Ave., the Autocrat Club. Continue on St. Bernard Ave. to N. Galvez and turn right onto N. Aubry St. Turn left.

Stop: 2169 Aubry St., Seal's Class Act. Continue on to N. Miro St. and turn left. Proceed up N. Miro St. to Lapeyrouse St. and turn left.

Stop: 1939 Lapeyrouse St., Mickey's Playhouse. Continue on Lapeyrouse St. to N. Claiborne Ave. Turn right and continue up N. Claiborne.

Stop: 925 N. Claiborne Ave., Jackie's Touch of Class Lounge. Continue on N. Claiborne to St. Ann St. Turn left on St. Ann to N. Villere. Turn right and proceed to Basin St. Turn right.

Stop: 1501 Basin St., Bertha's Place. Continue on Basin St. to N. Claiborne Ave. turn right. Proceed up N. Claiborne Ave. to Ursulines. Turn left on Ursuline Ave. Continue out Ursulines.

Stop: 2420 Ursulines Ave., Brother Melder. Continue up Ursulines Ave. to N. Broad St. Turn left on N. Broad.

Disband: Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club

Grand Marshall: Delrone Perkins

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