"Everything in it tonight is dead."



Plaquemines Parish president Billy Nungesser appeared on MSNBC yesterday, pleading for President Barack Obama and other authorities to intervene and get on board with Nungesser's plan to set up a berm barrier along the coast. Nungesser, who has the support of Gov. Bobby Jindal, met with BP officials earlier this month with his plan, which, according to a May 10 release, "would call for the immediate utilization of the U.S. dredging fleet to begin dredge operations along the existing and historic barrier island chains that form the first line of defense against tropical events for the Gulf Coast. The dredges would create sand berms from Grand Isle to the Chandeleur Islands to provide a more reliable means of protecting against oil intrusion as compared to the current booming methods."

That never happened.

Now that it's in there, and it's heavy, "It will be nearly impossible" to get it out, according to Garret Graves, Chairman of the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority. Plaquemines and other parishes have already opened the freshwater diversion gates to hopefully thin the oil out and prevent it from globbing onshore.

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