Gambit's cameo on Treme



In Sunday night's episode of Treme ("Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me"), there was a scene where musician Davis McAlary (Steve Zahn) visits his very Uptown family at their very Uptown home ... and Davis, who is running a cockeyed campaign for a seat on the City Council, brings his parents that week's copy of Gambit -- Feb. 7, 2006 -- with himself on the cover. Here's how it all happened.

A few months back, producers from Treme contacted our office, asking us to recreate the Feb. 7, 2006 cover (with that week's sub-headlines, our 2006 fonts and all), but with Steve Zahn's character on it instead of the original image (which was Walter "Mr. Bill" Williams). They supplied Gambit's production director Dora Sison with the photo and asked her to duplicate the original as closely as possible ... and that was all we knew. Since the show hadn't aired yet, we had no idea what any of it meant; it just seemed like fun.

Here was the result, which flashed past briefly Sunday night in Treme's parallel-universe version of New Orleans:

treme fake cover

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