Anderson Cooper's advice for Tulane graduates


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Commencement speeches are filled with inspirational advice that, realistically, students will never remember because they are hungover, too busy text messaging or in a food coma from that Commander's Palace jazz brunch. If you fell into any of those categories at your graduation, don't worry — apparently, Anderson Cooper was blacked-out during his. And look at him now!

Cooper divulged his hazy graduation memories, and gave students some — um — interesting advice at Tulane University's commencement on Saturday. "You're not going to remember a damn thing I said. It's true. You're going to wake up tomorrow in your bed or someone else's, you know, if you're lucky," he said. "Hey listen — you're not going to see most of these people again, so go for it."
Hit the link for Gawker's video, and click here to see the entire speech on Tulane's website.

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