Michael Hill, New Orleans' newest viral-video star: "America is still a very puritanical society"



Michael Hill, the unflappable anchorman at ABC 26, seems equally unfazed by his status as the latest TV newsman-turned-viral video star (see also: The Weatherman Terrified of the Cockroach and The Boom-Goes-the-Dynamite Sports Guy). Here's the clip that launched thousands of YouTube viewings since Wednesday night, when Hill asked a casual question on the station's 10 p.m. newscast: ""So she's enjoying penis a little bit more?"

michael hill
Reached at the station this afternoon, Hill said he hadn't gotten any calls about the clip, but "lots of people have commented on different sites."

Why did this catch on across America? "America is still a very puritanical society," Hill said. "We're a bit prudish when it comes to sex. It's still kind of taboo to talk about orgasms and vaginas and penises and stuff like that -- much less to have fun with it. That's the reason one five-letter word on a traditional TV station on a late newscast somehow became a viral video."

Hill said his news director hasn't said a word to him about it, but that reporter Catherine Shreves (who had just concluded a report about an injection for women with alleged aphrodisiacal properties) knew that he would be commenting on the story. "One of our producers double-dared me to say it," Hill said, "and I don't need to be double-dared to do anything."

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