For anyone who's never been to a Catholic Mass, here's a small list of things that aren't allowed — or, at least things that are frowned upon and proven to elicit haughty glares from the pious: wearing shorts, pregnant teenagers, talking too loudly, known divorcées, ringing cell phones. And apparently, you're not supposed to eat an hour beforehand (like with swimming pools). So in this already tense, often fear-based atmosphere of worship, what would be a great addition? According to Rep. Henry Burns, R-Haughton, guns!

Burns' House Bill 68, which would allow guns in in churches, synagogues, mosques if the head of the religious body approves, was approved by the House in a 74-18 vote on Wednesday. If that sounds a little crazy and not what Jesus would do, take solace in knowing that it's something not necessarily prohibited by the Bible, according to bill backer Rep. Ernest Wooton (R-Belle Chasse):

"This bill is very permissive ... I want to see in the Bible where it says you can't bring a gun to church."

The bill would allow those with concealed carry permits to "bring (guns) to church as part of its security plan," says Burns, to protect congregants against a potential attack. These members "tapped for security duty" would be required to receive eight hours of technical training.

Perhaps what's most amazing about this proposed law is that it's responsible for what I believe to be the only logical, factual (in this case) nola.com comment ever posted:


Amen, technogeek1. Amen. (Via the Times-Picayune).

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