More Oil to Burn later today



BP's Doug Suttles and U.S. Coast Guard Rear Admiral Mary Landry said another controlled burn on the growing oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico will begin this afternoon.

Last week's test burn burned about 100 barrels worth of oil, and Suttles hopes future burns burn up to 500 or 1,000 barrels. The good weather in the forecast will make for "good progress on and off shore," he says.

Also discussed: There are no confirmed reports of oil making landfall on the Chandeleur Islands, and the oil slick is not moving any closer or faster because of shifting winds. "We have a gift of time," Landry says. The teams have not received overflight data from today so there is no "accurate estimate" of how dense or how far the slick is to shore, but Landry says early reports aren't showing any landfall over the next three days. "We'll hit it hard and continue to watch for that kind of impact," Landry says.

The slick is approximately 30 miles offshore, and Suttles says the timeline for controlling the source of the leak and the dangerous flow is within six days.

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