L.A. Times: "Gulf Oil Spill: The Big Easy Takes the News With Shrug"



According to the Los Angeles Times, New Orleans -- I mean, the Big Easy -- is taking the destruction of the Louisiana coastline, the wholesale wipeout of marine life, the loss of our fragile marshes, the pollution of the Gulf of Mexico, the possible destruction of the shrimp and oyster beds, the very real prospect of hundreds (if not thousands) of people out of work...

...with a "shrug."


Because, I suppose, we're the "Big Easy." And all. Home of the gumbo party. And the lazy, lazy media narrative about us is that we know how to throw a Mardi Gras, but we don't give a damn about anything else. The oil company cock-up that is currently poisoning our home happens to be all anyone here can talk about, but that doesn't fit the L.A. Times' media narrative of how New Orleanians are supposed to be, so...laissez les bon temps crappy headline writing, y'all.

And I saw this attitude in the aftermath of Katrina and the federal floods -- we all saw this attitude in the aftermath of Katrina and the federal floods -- and this sense of horror and helplessness we feel does not need to be compounded by someone whose major research seems to be talking to a clerk at the Louisiana Music Factory and concluding that New Orleans is taking this with a "shrug."

We may not have control over the oil company that is ruining our coastline, but we sure as hell don't have to sit still and be insulted by the media.

So, L.A. Times and any other lazy, lazy media outlet: we're not taking this with a "shrug."

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