Theresa Andersson returns to Le Petit



Some performers aren't meant to be watched while sitting down. At a Theresa Andersson performance, however, being seated puts viewers in prime view of where the real action is: at Andersson's feet. The songbird leads her one-woman band with aplomb, using her toes to navigate knobs and her looping pedals while layering vocals, claps and snaps, drums, guitar and fiddle. When the song really begins to soar, she lets out an exuberant "Yeah!" — the kind of exhilarated shout that comes from successfully jumping a car; it's the relief of making something go when you're not sure it's going to.

Sometimes she's joined by friends — most of them not present or not real, like a record perched on an empty stool standing in for Smokey Johnson (she samples "I Can't Help It" in her YouTube sensation "Birds Fly Away") or her own vocals, which she has given names and personalities. A real guest, like Allen Toussaint during her Feb. 28 Le Petit performance and concert DVD recording, occasionally breaks into her delightfully schizophrenic musical world to share the stage.

For anyone who missed the February performance, Andersson returns to the theater's stage Saturday at 9:30 p.m. to celebrate the release of Theresa Andersson: Live at Le Petit. The theater is the perfect venue for Andersson, who is really best seen while sitting down in an audience of rapt viewers.

Tickets are $30, and can be ordered on Le Petit's website. You can check out a clip of the concert DVD here. She also perform at Jazz Fest this Sunday at 1:40 p.m. on the Fais Do-Do Stage.

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