SDT adds recycling services



After more than a year in the making, SDT Waste & Debris has unveiled its recycling service, available starting May 1. Here's the release from the company:


  • $11.75 per month for pick-up twice per month on Sundays. ·
  • This is a flat rate; there are no additional charges.


Please fill out the service agreement and one of the payment forms - Automatic Credit Card or E-Check then return to SDT via fax, email or mail.

Accepted materials:

  • Plastic containers #1 - #7 with tops removed (emptied & rinsed)
  • Metal containers – includes aluminum and steel cans (emptied & rinsed)
  • Mixed paper – includes newspapers and inserts, magazines, catalogs, phone books, office paper, junk mail, windowed envelopes, and cartons (emptied & rinsed)
  • Cardboard and chipboard packaging (cereal boxes) MUST BE BROKEN DOWN.

Materials we will not accept:

  • Plastic grocery bags and other plastic film (packaging materials), Styrofoam, plastic hangers, & toys
  • Metal pans, wire hangers, scrap metal, foil, food trays, aluminum siding, etc.
  • Frozen food packages and 12 pack carriers
  • No paint, hazardous waste, and medical waste
  • NO GLASS!! Sorry, there is no facility in the area that accepts glass.

SDT will provide one 18 gallon cart. This cart is for recyclable materials only. If the recycling bin has materials that we do not accept, it will be considered contaminated and will not be serviced until the materials are removed. Cardboard and chipboard packaging must be broken down in order to receive service; do not bag recyclables, place them loose in the bin.

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