Carl Nicks is All Grown Up


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Y'all know Carl Nicks (seen below carrying equipment as a rookie two years ago) as one of the hulking masses that helped protect Drew Brees and make him one of the most accurate passers in the NFL and Super Bowl MVP, but did you also know that Nicks has a remorseful side too?


Carl Nicks Carrying Crap


See, Nicks had kind of a bad reputation back in school (this incident probably didn't help) and it led to questions about his character before the Saints drafted him. Well, Sean Payton and Co. took a chance that Nicks would eventually mature and - surprise! - he did! From the Yahoo!'s Shutdown Corner Blog report:


"I was proud of my school, but I know my school wasn't proud of me, so that was important to me," Nicks said. "I'm embarrassed." [...]

"I'm not who I was then," he said. "It just kind of hurts, to know I made a fool of myself."

"I wouldn't be true to Nebraska if I didn't try to apologize to [current head coach] Bo Pelini, even though I didn't play for him," Nicks said. "He's the face of Nebraska. I have to make it right with him, [athletic director] Mr. [Tom] Osborne and everyone I did wrong when I was here."

Osborne surprised Nicks by greeting him as Carl — "I didn't think he knew my name" — and then told him to learn from his mistakes and finish his college degree as soon as possible.


If the Saints keep coming out with feel-good stories like this, people everywhere are going to wonder what exactly is in the drinking water down here.


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