Supermodel, you better work.



One of the pleasanter aspects of being special sections editor is that every month, I get to pick an exceptionally attractive person (or people, on really good months) to feature as a model for CUE's fashion spreads. Whether it's due to some virulent strain of hotness in the swamp water, a serendipitous side effect of miscegenation, or meticulous Southern belle and beau grooming habits, I can't say, but Louisiana seems to breed hotties at a pace that rivals the reproduction rates of a nutria.

Enter the modeling masterminds at Launch Agency and John Robert Powers New Orleans, who have partnered with CUE to present the Modern Models Search Louisiana. We've joined forces to suss out the lithe, the high-cheekboned, the preternaturally tall and the freakishly good-looking from Chalmette to Shreveport. The contest's winner will appear in a CUE fashion spread and receive a trip to the International Presentation of Performers (IPOP) conference (air fare, lodging and entrance fee paid). Submit your photos and stats to by April 30 or check out the Facebook page or latest issue of CUE (on newsstands now) for guidelines.

For your viewing pleasure, I give you Brad Alphonso and Skylar McCartney, two locals who launched their fashion careers at IPOP and have gone on to sign contracts with Wilhelmina Models and NEXT Models International. Home-grown beauty, indeed.



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