Snapshots from the Southern Republican Leadership Conference



A few images from the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, held at the Hilton Riverside in New Orleans Apr. 8-11 -- taken in the audience, backstage, and outside:


Backstage: Bumpersticker swag for sale.


This delegate and Sarah Palin lookalike was turning heads in the audience. From a short distance away, you could swear it was Palin.


Backstage: An upbeat sign.


This fellow was from Conservatives 4 Palin...


...and this was the back of his shirt, which had been signed by Sarah Palin.


Mitt Romney was not on hand, but Evangelicals for Mitt, a support group, was there handing out pink piggy banks and free copies of Romney's book No Apology.


A booth by 2 Million for Marriage, which is seeking two million signatures on a petition to "STOP President Obama and Congress from repealing the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Your signature will let our nation's leaders know that you believe marriage is between a man and woman only."

Palin pose

Palin left the Hilton Riverside by a side entrance, catching a few people there by surprise and delighting them. She posed for a few pictures (this woman looked stunned to be in Palin's presence) until word spread and dozens of people began pouring out of the hotel to see her.

Palin smile

Sarah Palin: the megawatt smile, the red suit, the avid fans, the cameras, the security detail ... the brand.

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