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You've either been waiting for this moment, or are waiting for the moment to flee from Sarah Palin for the comfort of deep-fried strawberries: the Republican dog-and-pony show, the Southern Republican Leadership Committee, is here (hit the link for Kevin Allman's lead news story). If you're looking for a way to welcome the GOP stars that doesn't involve air-brushed T-shirts of Glenn Beck riding on a bald eagle with an American flag soaring in the distance, join the SRLC Welcoming Committee.

The group — comprised of people from Committee to Reopen Charity Hospital, Save UNO, the Iron Rail Collective, Pax Christi and other organizations — promises "a whole lot of pissed-off, high-stepping citizenry" for its Second Line for Healthcare and Education tomorrow. "As Bobby Jindal is groomed for higher office," the Welcoming Committee's press release says, "the Second Line for Healthcare and Education is our opportunity to present a unified response to Jindal's assault on Louisiana's state hospital system & public education."

At 5:30 p.m., second liners will convene at Lafayatte Square Park on St. Charles and Lafayette Streets and will start parading at 6 p.m. The second line will head down Camp Street to Poydras Street and eventually to the Hilton Riverside Hotel, the central location for this weekend's events.

Besides Palin and Jindal, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Michael Steele, Rick Perry, Tony Perkins, Sean Hannity and Rick Santorum (proceed with caution when Googling that) are among the Republican luminaries in town for the quadrennial event. For more information about the protest, email

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