TONIGHT: Horses and Princes



Tonight at 11 p.m., Bonnie "Prince" Billy drops by Preservation Hall, the famously all-acoustic old timer, with his backing group and Emmett Kelly-led Cairo Gang (both pictured below — Kelly is sans-beard). His latest release, The Wonder Show of the World (Drag City) drops this week. It's sparse, emotionally haunting American folk, eerie reverb and country longin' intact  Check Gambit for Noah Bonaparte Pais' preview.

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Down the road a bit you'll find Psychedelic Horseshit, a sort of proto-Velvet Underground, permanent tape hiss. The band's Matt Whitehurst spoke with the Washington Post last year and revealed some pretty entertaining digs at the world of "indie rock." And not without a gratuitoutous string of expletives. (The fun part is guessing what words were used for each "[expletive]"). It takes a while to get there, but Whitehurst is right, in the end. The last few paragraphs nail it:

But it's fun, though. Everyone should [expletive] make music. Do crazy [expletive]. Just make music and hand it out to everybody. Do [expletive] crazy things. No one's [expletive] wild anymore. Nothing crazy happens. No one tells the truth because everyone's so afraid of what everyone else is gonna think, and their image. Everyone's afraid of being pretentious. And it's like — pretension is necessary to advance art. And honest criticism is necessary to advance art. Failure is necessary to advance art. And everyone's so afraid of all of those.

The band performs at Saturn Bar at 10 p.m. Admission is $6.

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