Do you ever think to yourself, "I would certainly feel better about eating this cookie if it were sanctioned by the state government through trivial legislation"? Louisiana already has an official drink — milk — along with an official fruit (the strawberry), vegetable (the potato), vegetable plant (Creole tomato) and official doughnut (the beignet, duh). State-food distinction, I imagine, grants its recipient as much power as does a key to a city or an honorary degree from a university.

For anyone wanting to eat only cookies that express true allegiance to the Great State of Louisiana, be grateful there is one brave lawmaker who doggedly pushes her pet projects in the face of such silly things like massive budget cuts that threaten health care and higher education: Democratic state Sen. Yvonne Dorsey.

Full disclosure: I am totally pro-cookies. Although I do disagree with the timing of her proposed legislation. I also completely disagree with her choice of cookie to represent our state: the tea cake. Seriously? Nothing about a cookie that is essentially glorified bread says "Louisiana" to me (if the tea cake has some important role in Cajun or Creole culture of which I am unaware, please enlighten me).

If, say, there were no urgent matters to attend to in state government right now, there are several more appropriate contenders for the state's official cookie. The praline (though that might be considered candy, it's definitely more of a cookie than a tea cake is) would be a no-brainer. I also find our state to be warm and comfortable like a chocolate chip cookie. Or perhaps we could nod to our French roots with the Madeline, our capture our state's simultaneous sweet and spiciness with the snickerdoodle?

What do you think?

via Times-Picayune

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