Mayor Nagin talks to CNN



... and surely New Orleans will be talking about Mayor Nagin talking to CNN. An excerpt:

CNN: The ratings show that people are frustrated with you, how does that make you and your colleagues feel?

RN: We feel it's unfair, but we know the truth and how far we've come. We have this kind of idealism that at some point people are going to understand what we've been doing, it's almost like an underground movement. We've been working underground to make sure that this city can fully recover with the hope that at some point people will recognize the good work that we have done.

CNN: How often do you wonder how different would your tenure have been had it not been for Katrina?

RN: I don't think about that a lot. To be honest, I don't really have time to do that, I spend every day, every moment, thinking about how to get this recovery moving faster, better and how to rebuild this city.

His first priority upon leaving office, Hizzoner tells CNN, is a "long vacation," because "the Katrina experience was just something that I need a break for."

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