TONIGHT: A Sunny Day in Glasgow & Vivian Girls



But not at the same venue, of course. Would've been too easy. Instead, AllWays Lounge hosts Philadelphia's A Sunny Day in Glasgow at 10:30 p.m., while Circle Bar hosts Brooklyn's Vivian Girls at 10 p.m.

This is Sunny Day's second trip to New Orleans (and the second to AllWays, where the band played in November 2009). Vivian Girls is here for the first time, though, but not alone — the trio brought the UK's Wetdog and Vermont's Happy Birthday, who just released a fun garage-pop debut on Sub Pop this month.

It's heads or tails, really. For a $5 admission, there is Sunny Day, who dropped one of the finest albums of last year, shot a pretty but super-twee video in New Orleans, and also performs with Rusty Lazer, fresh from South by Southwest. For $8, there are cute girl-group garage groups (and a recent Sub Pop signee).

The headliners, side-by-side (video-by-video?):

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