Another Green Option on St. Patty's Day


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Robert Kenner's Oscar-nominated Food Inc. is an eye-opening look at the industrial processes that get food to our grocery stores and ultimately our tables. There are inevitable and unsavory considerations of massive slaughterhouses (there are only 13 major slaughterhouses in the United States), but even the processes that harvest and deliver vegetables and produce have been greatly altered by companies looking to reduce costs and improve efficiency. The film also examines processed foods. For example, a typical supermarket has more than 45,000 products and corn syrup is in upward of 90 percent of them, Kenner says. Segments about organic growing and alternative methods of production explore what it would take to make higher-quality, fresher foods more affordable, ie. this isn't a fantasy about shopping only at farmers markets or upscale groceries like Whole Foods. The Southern Food and Beverage Museum screens Food Inc. at Freeman Auditorium at Woldenberg Art Center at Tulane tonight at 6 p.m. Renowned chef Alice Waters (creator of Chez Panisse in Berkeley, Calif.) will introduce the film. The screening is a benefit for a local chapter of her Edible Schoolyard program.


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