1st Annual Bounce Festival Saturday 12noon-9pm




ahhh... Bounce. That soul-stirring street poetry set to triggaman beats that speak candidly to real life situations such as “It must be the pu*#&y cause it aint your face”. Right? Like how often have you seen a rough-on-the-eyes woman walking arm in arm with a fine ass brother and thought ‘wtf is going on with that??’ And then there’s my personal favorite, the Rampart Street Boys anthem coined by Sissy Bounce pioneer Katie Red, “I’m a punk under pressure. When you’re finished leave the money on the dresser.” Katie deserves her own postal stamp with the words ‘REAL TALK’ underneath it for that one. And her colleague Sissy Nobby’s bounce supplement, the how-to P-Pop video ‘Spinning Top’, an absolute must have for every girlfriend looking to give her ‘wifey-for-life’ performance that little something special.

Well if da truth!, meth-amped beats and core-building exercises like the ones shown above get you all loose and open then you’re in for a treat because the good folks at P-Pop Central have organized New Orleans First Annual Bounce Festival which takes place tomorrow from Noon to 9pm. 800 Jackson Avenue at Annunciation. Tickets $7 in advance, $10 at the gate.

To see the line-up, go here or contact Lucky at (504) 913-5153 for more info.

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