New Orleans #5 on list of cities with worst body odor



Just last week some national condom company was claiming Big Easy men had the biggest, er, easies in America. Now comes some Web site called Total Beauty to take us all down a peg or two, claiming New Orleans is among the worst cities in America when it comes to body odor*. The reasoning:

The Big Easy's fragrant, eau de Post-Party Frat Basement scent doesn't help matters. It's also a very sweaty city, with high temperatures and humidity year-round. And it's a smoker's paradise -- the state tax on cigarettes is low, and the public smoking ban doesn't extend to bars. About 20 percent of adults in this city smoke.

The stinkiest city in America, according to Total Beauty? Las Vegas, followed by Houston, Phoenix, Chicago, us, San Antonio, and Yuma, Ariz. The site came to its conclusions, it says, by "assessing climate history and smoking data," which doesn't sound like the most rigorously scientific method of measuring stench.

What do you think, Gambiteers? Are we all a bunch of Boudreaux Le Pews?

* hat tip to The Huck Upchuck for pointing out this important info

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