Ray Nagin interviewed in the new issue of Essence: "There's been a concerted effort to minimize my accomplishments"



Essence's Michele Norris has an "Exit Interview" with Hizzoner C. Ray Nagin in the March issue of the magazine. It's brief, but a little doozy it is:

ESSENCE: People in New Orleans are bothered by a sense of corruption hovering over the city. With both the police and technology departments currently under federal investigation, why haven't you done more to combat these problems?

NAGIN: There was no corruption under my watch. I've only had one instance where there was a mention about anything corrupt, and that was an indictment, not a conviction, where a former employee may have improperly used a credit card. But if you're talking about the previous administration's indictments, that happened before I got here.

Many more quotable quotes in the interview (including "There's been a concerted effort to minimize my accomplishments"). Pick up the March issue of Essence for the whole thing, or check the magazine's Web site in a week or so (not sure if they'll be posting it online).

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