Blanque endorses Batt for District A City Council seat


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Virginia Blanque, the Mid-City businesswoman and activist who ran third in the City Council District A primary Feb. 6, has today endorsed the second-place finisher in the race, businessman and developer Jay Batt, according to a press release from the Batt campaign:

"Jay doesn't just share my values as a fellow Republican," Blanque said. "He shares a common vision for the people of District A and for the future of our city - a vision for safer neighborhoods, paved streets, job creation, and an end to blight. I didn't leap to make this decision immediately after the primary. I gave it considerable thought and reexamined both of the candidates and their positions on the issues that matter most. Jay Batt is clearly the best choice."

Blanque finished with 15% of the vote, while Batt carried 39%. The frontrunner, attorney Susan Guidry, a Democrat who is new to politics, received 44%.

The runoff will be held Mar. 6.


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