What Did You Think of the Saints Parade?


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Here’s what others are saying..

The AP’s Michael Kunzelman provided a lot of the print coverage for rest of the nation, calling the parade the only event that could

upstage Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

The Christian Science Monitor described the Saints return to New Orleans as something biblical,

It’s like the prodigal son has finally come home.

The Los Angeles Times thought the parade had religious overtones as well, but saw it more as a hybrid of the sacred and profane:

What other event would bring together Bobby Jindal, Louisiana's choirboy GOP governor, and the Ying Yang Twins, the Southern rap duo whose songs describe sexual activities that barely sound biologically possible?

Unfortunately, not everyone was overjoyed.

According to WWLTV, passengers on United Airlines flight #263, which was supposed to depart by 7:18 p.m. last night, weren’t too happy with the parade, especially since it delayed their departure until sometime this afternoon. Plus, there were fears that the late-arriving pilots were intoxicated. United Airlines spokesperson, Megan McCarthy vehemently denied the accusation.

But those folks are leaving today, so for the rest of us, Coach Payton couldn’t have put it any better,

Here's to the best Mardi Gras week in the history of this city.


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