How we voted, precinct by precinct



Take a minute away from your Who Dat preparations and check out this map, compiled by NolaStat's Brian Denzer -- it breaks down last night's mayoral race precinct by precinct. Denzer writes:

The election of Mitch as mayor with 66% of the vote was a landslide. In the election map completed for NolaStat (3 MB PDF), it’s clear that Mitch won every precinct except for one near Lake Catherine where Georges picked up 12 votes to get the majority. The attached map clearly shows that Mitch won support from a broad base of voters, who sent a signal that we won’t allow our diversity to be turned against us as a weapon to destroy our dreams. We are stronger when we work together toward shared goals.

The map is a large download, and really comprehensive. Thanks to Brian and NolaStat for compiling it.

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