Of cracklings, Sazeracs and the Super Bowl



More national food press today, starting with The New York Times weighing in on the perfect Super Bowl party snacks. Their suggestion: fry up a batch of your own cracklings (get it? pigskins?), and writer Kim Severson goes straight to an unimpeachable source, Donald Link of Cochon Butcher, who provides a recipe for the home cook who can't quite bring him- or herself to pop open a bag of Fritos at kickoff.

Over at The Wall Street Journal, Pervaiz Shallwani writes about newfangled cocktails, starting with a science-fiction Sazerac prepared by Chicago's Lord High Poobah of molecular gastronomy, chef Grant Achatz:

At most bars, the Sazerac is a simple mix of whiskey, bitters and a touch of sugar. In the hands of Chicago chef Grant Achatz, the classic cocktail turns into a deconstruction of flavors: Peychaud bitters are made into pudding dots, whiskey is transformed into gelée and the "drink" is served in an edible syrup-poached kumquat.

"It's the size of a thimble," Mr. Achatz says. "It's got all the classic components of a Sazerac. But you're chewing and it's fun."

Note to Mr. Achatz: don't even try serving that at a Super Bowl party. The only thing we'll be deconstructing around here this weekend are the Colts.

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