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Super Bowl commercials are all about celebrating the things that we, as a nation, unanimously like: beer, dancing animals, cars and half-naked women. Not wanting to get anyone riled up during this completely non-polarizing, non-aggressive television event, CBS has typically avoided airing commercials with heavy-handed political themes. By that standard, this 2004 ad from the United Church of Christ was deemed inappropriate:

Fair enough? Fast forward to this year, when CBS has green-lit Focus on the Family's anti-abortion commercial featuring Tim Tebow. So, a commercial about inclusive worship environments is nixed because it contains ''implicit' endorsement for a side in a public debate," (per CBS policy) but the FOTF spot is OK?

It looks like CBS is desperate enough to make room for more controversial commercials, because of the recession and all, so it seems that other polarizing topics may have a place in the most coveted TV advertising spot of the year. But not so fast. This ad, from the dating Web site ("Where many many many men come out to play!") was rejected by CBS because "the creative is not within the Network's Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday."

Media Bistro's AgencySpy blog brings up the fact that in 2007, CBS aired an ad for Snickers that featured two men kissing. The difference between that ad and the ManCrunch one is that the men in the latter actually wanted to kiss, which is of course not appropriate.

But what is appropriate? The suggestion of inter-species love.

Everything is appropriate as long as it involves a hot girl — something all of us can agree on.


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