Brownie gets heckuva full-time talk radio job



From the Failing Up Dept.: Seems that Michael "Brownie" Brown has been given his own three-hour evening talk show on KOA radio in Denver, which seems to be the Mile-High City's version of WWL-AM minus some of the Hebert-Deke-DelGiornoisms.

But why Brownie? Let's ask Clear Channel honcho Kris Olinger:

Regarding the notoriety Brown earned from his Katrina actions, Olinger says, "I think it's a definite positive. He has great insight into what happened in New Orleans and how government works. He takes responsibility where he needs to, but he's also pretty candid about other things that went wrong. I think people get the inside story from him."

And here's Brownie showing how he takes responsibility later in the same story:

"People get beaten up and thrown under the bus all the time," he notes. "You've got the choice of letting the bus run over you three times, and wallowing in that, or getting up and moving. And my choice was to get up and keep moving."

If your radio doesn't pick up signals from Denver, you'll have to wait until June, when Brownie's book Deadly Indifference: Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, Disease Pandemics and the Failed Politics of Disasters hits bookshelves. And if you're shaking your head that Michael "FEMA" Brown would actually have the temerity or boneheadedness to write a Katrina book called Deadly Indifference, you don't know Brownie.

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