Just on time for airing during the Super Bowl, former University of Florida quarterback Tim Teebow will be starring in an anti-abortion commercial.

Conservative Christian organization Focus on the Family is paying for the ad, and tells the story of how Pam Teebow was pregnant with her fifth child when the family flew to the Phillipines on a missionary trip. She contracted dysentery, and the drugs used to treat the infection threatened her unborn child Doctors advised her to abort the baby, but Pam pressed on in the pregnancy, and Tim Teebow came into the world on August 14, 1987.

Networks have previously declined to broadcast controversial ads, but CBS is getting a reported $2.5 to $2.8 million for a 30-second spot, and FOF must have put up the cash.

So what do you think? Should CBS be taking any and all commercial revenue when it comes to the big game, or do we need more commercials with exploding mosquitoes and talking sock puppets?  Maybe Teebow should have been focusing on something else?

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