SCENES FROM LAST WEEK’S SECOND LINE - The Stooges Show at the Lady Jetsetter's Parade



A second line parade is more than five miles of brass bands music, finger snapping, Heinekins, chronic, and hot sausage sandwiches. There are these performances you see, performance unlike anything anywhere else, and you get to be a part of it all. So if you find yourself on the fence as to whether or not to go to the second line parade today, allow me to submit the following for your consideration:

2:45 minute mark- Entire parade does ‘The Bus Stop’

Parade and band split sides for a mini music battle:

Fancy footwork abounds

This is some 'Only In New Orleans' shizzz you can’t do nowhere else. So pull your behind up off that fence, get a face towel, cash and some comfortable shoes and come enjoy yourself today. Here's the route and time.

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