Garland Robinette comes out in support of same-sex marriage; WWL-AM listeners plotz



WWL-AM, like most AM talk stations in the country, will never been mistaken for MSNBC. And "The Big 870" has a variety of hosts, but none of them is likely to be mistaken for Keith Olbermann, either -- much less Rachel Maddow, since the station's sole female host, Monica Pierre, decamped a few months back and is now working with the Mitch Landrieu campaign for mayor.

All of this is preamble to what Garland Robinette, the station's least predictable talker, chose to discuss during his "Think Tank" show this morning. The transcript of Garland's remarks is up on WWL-AM's site, and it begins:

I have one opinion on the gay rights controversy, and I know my opinion is correct, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Those of you actively fighting against gay marriage have waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on your hands.

I don’t believe your real reason for fighting gay marriage is because you are sooooooooooooooo concerned about the threat to the institute of marriage. If you were, you’d be protesting people like me. I have been married three times. Elizabeth Taylor and me are the biggest threats ever faced by the sacred institute of marriage.

Let’s not be a hypocrite…you don’t want gay marriage, because you don’t like gays. It’s that simple. You’re frightened by those icky things they do with their sexual parts. But, here’s another hypocritical part…have you ever seen what them-thar “heterosexuals” do with their private parts? Whoa, talk about icky!!!!!

How do I know you’re being hypocritical in your “great concern about the pristine institute of marriage?” Well, that’s simple. If you have the ability to take time out from making groceries, taking care of your children, making dinner, worrying about two wars, the economy, crime, schooling, how to pay your bills and Angelina and Brad…then you certainly have time to picket in streets about divorce. You should be screaming to the high hills…ordering the powers-that-be to make marriage as difficult as divorce. I ain’t seen one of you on TV with that sign…with that protest.

Judging from the responses, Garland's callers were not happy with this viewpoint:


Where is the blue link to report this news story as being offensive!

I always wonder why Angela left him. I may now have a slight hint.

The fact is that gay marriage is a joke and will never constitute the the definition of marriage because marriage is inherently between one man and one woman. You piece is ludicrous and shouldn't have been allowed on this site!

He had almost lost me months ago. Now I will not listen, the guy is simply wierd. WWL you really should let this guy move on, maybe to a nursing home.

It's the most surprising local defense of gay marriage since Saints linebacker Scott Fujita came out in favor of same-sex marriage back in September. (Though I'll wager no one talked like that to Fu, because he's a bit more intimidating than Garland.)

But, hey, Garland: Fujita might be an interesting guest for you if you want to pursue the topic. Think your callers could handle it?

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