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Hey, did you say you were looking for a place to eat tonight? I know a place: it's called Chili's. Have you heard of it?

Don't worry — this isn't the kind of place where you need to dress fancy or anything like that. I'm pretty sure they don't have a dress code. It's totally casual. You can even bring the kids! They don't even care.

It gets pretty crowded sometimes — no worries, though. If they don't have a table available, they give you this cool thing that lights up when one is ready. That way, you can walk around the mall or go to Baskin Robbins and still be waiting for a table at the same time. It's so awesome.

The service is really great, too. The waiters are so nice and friendly. Sometimes, they'll even come and sit next to you at your table! Ordering from a menu at a restaurant can often be difficult and confusing, so it's great to have someone there to "take care of you," as they say at Chili's.

It's not expensive to eat there, either. They have this "2 for 20" deal going on now where two people can eat a whole meal for only $20. You can also get unlimited chips and salsa, which is another great deal. The last time I went there, our waiter Mike even let us have two margaritas (except they call them `Ritas there) for the price of one! How nice of him. I can't promise they'll do that for you, though.

The food is really delicious, too. However my favorite appetizer, the Awesome Blossom, isn't on the menu anymore. Mike told us that they took it off because it has too many calories. That's a shame, because it was really delicious and unlike anything I've seen or tasted before.

All in all, Chili's is a great dining experience that holds up against anything you'd find in New Orleans or Louisiana in general. You don't believe me? Well, don't take my word for it! The major daily newspaper for our state's capital likes Chili's, too! Click here to see what The Advocate has to say about it.

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