Happiness Is a Warm Puppy



We're bundled pretty tightly here at Gambit, and for good reason. Temperatures are expected to remain low with a good chance of ice and that ugly, mud-slush kind of snow later in the week. Not the coziest outdoor environment. That's why the Louisiana SPCA is warning all pet owners to include their pets in their freeze plans. "Pets are in just as much danger in the cold as humans," reminds the LA/SPCA's Katherine Bray. Thankfully the LA/SPCA shelters have received plenty of donated blankets and towels. The freeze warnings continue throughout the week, so consider these plans for your pooch (or pet pal) as the harsh weather continues:

  • Bring them indoors. Animals are subject to hypothermia and frost bite — especially those ears.
  • If you can't bring them inside, make sure their outdoor shelter protects them from high winds and low temperatures and has enough blankets and pillows.
  • Puppies, kittens and senior pets should not be kept outdoors. If our cat prefers the outdoors, bring them in, too. Cats seeking warmth might crawl into a warm car engine.
  • Turn off any gas furnaces and electric heaters when not at home. Don't add a fire hazard to severe weather.

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