The Dinerral Shavers Educational Fund Brass Band Blowout


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We didn't go to the Dinerral Shavers Educational Fund Brass Band Blowout at Howlin' Wolf on Saturday night, but Liprap did and you can read an extensive report over at her blog:

If one show can encompass all of what makes New Orleans great, I think I experienced it this past Saturday night and kept with it into Sunday morning. ...Can't think of a better way to help commemorate the dearly departed, aside from bringing the crime rate way, way, waaaay down in this city. After all this time, we are still hurting, but we will not go quietly. Whatever deity might be out there will be getting one brassy kaddish coming up from our numbers quite regularly. Magnified and sanctified will be the names of the fallen with every note played and every beat in time.

And look: video of the Stooges Brass Band tearing it up:

Speaking of video: there's no real place to put this, but it must be seen -- the #1 star of Bourbon Street, Miss Chris Owens, doing the #1 song of 2009, Lady Gaga's "Poker Face":


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