With Eddie Sapir out of the race, will Greg Sonnier continue?



Former New Orleans city councilman Eddie Sapir's abrupt withdrawal this afternoon from the City Council at-large race* raises an interesting corollary question: What does this mean for the candidacy of Greg Sonnier, the chef, caterer and untested political candidate whose entry into the race was widely seen as a thumb in the eye of Sapir, with whom Sonnier had a long, bitter battle over his attempt to open a restaurant near Sapir's Uptown home? (For a thumbnail version of all the dramarama, check this 2007 commentary from New Orleans CityBusiness ... or just ask any Uptowner who lives around Henry Clay.)

Reached at his catering business this afternoon, Sonnier wasn't in the mood to talk; he was preparing food for a party. He knew of Sapir's withdrawal, but had no comment, nor would he comment about his own plans to stay in the race other than "nothing's changed."

*(We're also hearing -- and others are reporting -- that former assessor Darren Mire has dropped out of the race as well, but haven't confirmed this on our own.)

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