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In her campaign commercials Leslie Jacobs promised that as mayor she would solve the city’s crime problem by firing Police Chief Warren Riley and replacing him with someone who could get the job done. She also vowed to continue working to better the school system and generally make New Orleans a better place to live.

Now, however, she is withdrawing from the race for the city’s chief executive for a very pragmatic reason: she is convinced she can’t win.

The education reformer, former Orleans Parish School Board and BESE member issued this statement:

“I decided to run for mayor because I care passionately for this city and truly believe New Orleans is at a tipping point: Are we going to continue to struggle or become a vibrant city offering a better quality of life and more opportunities for all of our citizens?

“While I believe that I would be a great mayor for the City of New Orleans, after much consideration and thoughtful analysis of the final field of candidates, I have determined I cannot win this election.

“I will be filing the papers to remove my name from the ballot. While no longer a candidate for mayor, I remain committed to working for the betterment of New Orleans and the region.

“I cannot express the extent of my gratitude to those who have opened their homes, invested their funds, and volunteered their time to help my campaign. I reiterate how deeply honored and appreciative I am of your enthusiasm and support.”


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