GRRRRRR!!!! That was last week's dog-training segment from the surprise A&E hit show Steven Seagal Lawman, which in two weeks has already earned a place on the Web site Best Week Ever:

The COPS-style live action sequences remained borderline lame; one segment involved the cops rushing to the scene of a burglary, surrounding the house, and Seagal explaining every possible point of entry and escape, before eventually realizing that the burglar had already left the house (spoiler).

That's the sort of snark Dave Walker of The Times-Picayune was talking about in his column this morning, in which he interviews(!) Steven(!!) Seagal(!!!):

Some -- much? almost all? -- of the tune-in could be folks goofing on the premise and its execution. My initial reaction to the series -- shock at how many of the citizens Seagal and his team encounter are armed -- remains. Most of the snarky commenters wouldn't do what Seagal does. I wouldn't.

True. Most people wouldn't drive around Martin Behrman Highway, confronting armed punks. But most people also wouldn't make a career as professional fertility freaks and child-exploiters, either, and yet: welcome to 2009. It's TV, folks.

Anyway, here's some photos of the Lawman party Gambit had last week at Theo's Pizza in Mid-City. About 50-60 Gambiteers showed up to eat, drink, answer trivia questions for Seagal swag, and enjoy the Lawman's benefit performance of his original song, "Alligator Ass."

Tonight's episodes? 9 pm: "Firearms of Fury"; 9:30 pm: "The Student Becomes the Master." Photos of last week's party below the jump.




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