John Georges on Mitchgate: "I had nothing to do with it"



Calling it "cyber dirty tricks," mayoral candidate John Georges denied any knowledge of, the anti-Mitch Landrieu Web site that created a small local political firestorm this morning before vanishing from the Web within hours.

Georges, calling from his car, said the first he'd heard of MitchTheMayor was at The Times-Picayune Christmas party* today.

"I would never do something like that," Georges said, saying his campaign had had similar problems of its own, including a fake Facebook account called "Georges For Mayor" that purported to be real.

Informed that "" was registered to a company called ComputerCC, which -- according to the Louisiana Secretary of State's office -- is located at the same physical address as Georges' own Web consulting company, Iokon, Georges said, "All I can tell you is I can get on the phone and find out and we’ll call you back."

More as it develops.

* Gambit. Your local news source for holiday parties where we don't hobnob with political candidates. But our deviled eggs are divine.

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