New Orleans mayoral candidate Thomas "200 Criminals" (I'm also thinking "Not in My House") Lambert offered possibly the most quotable campaign phrase during last night's debate. Moderator Norman Robinson pitches the question and Lambert knocks it out of the park.

Robinson: "One of tonight's sponsors, the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, posed this next question, and it's for Mr. Lambert. What do you envision, Mr. Lambert, doing with Charity Hospital?"


Lambert: "Honestly, Norm, I don't have an answer for that. But I would like to say I never got a chance to talk about crime. I'd like to say a little about crime. I've heard many police spokespersons come out and say there's only about 200 criminals in this city that's got their hands around the neck of New Orleans. I'm hear to tell you, 200 criminals aren't very many. I don't know where they are, but I know where they're not. They're not in my house. Are they in your house? I don't think so. People need to be accountable, we need to turn this out... Once again, 200 criminals... I'm telling you what the police department has said many times. 200 criminals control this city. And it's so foolish for anybody to say and they not get their hands around it. My administration will get their hands around the 200 criminals that's holding this city hostage."

Blog commenter Sr. Luncheon suggests Lambert get that "not in my house" bit printed on a New Orleans Saints shirt. I think it would look better on a Big Dog tee.

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